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August 14, 2019

Highlights from Bath and London, England

Finally… I was able to sit down and put together some highlights from my recent trip to Bath and London. Below are all film shots, using Portra 400 – my go to film stock! If you haven’t noticed, traveling is my favorite thing. Everyone always asks “So where to next?”, honestly I wish I could have a trip planned every month.

The Garden photo’s are from the garden of our Air B&B host, Angela. She actually does garden design for a living, she is amazing and extremely talented. Her house is located in Wimbledon with a short walk to the Tube station, walking distance to the English version of “The Olive Garden” which they had some delicious lasagna.

Bath – Somerset, Tips:

England is one place that I can go back to over and over to explore. This trip my friend Julian and I decided to venture out to know that place Jane Austen lived. We went on a Saturday, which I would say try to avoid. It’s very very busy, especially in the morning because thats when all the tour groups go. We took the train from Paddington Station in London to Bath; don’t rent a car unless you plan on taking a few days around the countryside. There isn’t parking in the town center, you would have to park at the train station in the car park.

The weather couldn’t have been any better, sunny with big puffy clouds. The center of Bath is all walkable, I suggest good walking shoes because you will do some walking. I went to two different parks – The Parade Garden, I paid £1.50 to get in – next was Henrietta Park which is free. Towards the end of our day in Bath, we went to the Roman Baths (less busy) and even tasted the “healing” thermal water…it was warm and not my favorite. The Roman Baths were around £30 – $36ish, you get a audio guide which was cool.  I wish I spent more time in Bath, the surrounding countryside is beautiful. Till next time England, till next time!


These are a few photos from London, taken with my Grandpa’s 35mm Minolta. Kodak 200 film 🙂

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