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July 12, 2019

Anna + Zander |Sunrise at the Tuileries in Paris

Sunrise portrait session at the Tuileries: aka the most serene time to go!

The Tuileries is one of the favorite places to shoot at in Paris. It’s one of those places that you can go back to and it never gets old. I met Anna & Zander at 5:45 am – the absolute perfect time to roam & shoot in Paris. I wish you could be there to smell the garden…the scent of orange, jasmine and honeysuckle filled the air. It truly smelt like someone went around spraying perfume {insert scratch and sniff}.

I had a blast with Anna & Zander – getting to know a fellow photographer and her son Zander who is LOVES film & who wants to be a professor when he is grown. I truly treasure my job that allows me to photograph in amazing locations and meet amazing people.

Some of my favorite things about this session was the authenticity of the photos: unposed, real giggles, and love between a Mother and Child. These photos will always be a reminder of how precious life is. One day these will be photos that you can look back on and reflect at how precious these moments are with children; the innocence of a child, the joy they carry, and the spunky-ness that runs through them.

Such a special time with these two!

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