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August 26, 2019

Alice + Rodrigo – Couples Boudoir Photoshoot | Lisbon

This couple boudoir photoshoot of Alice and Rodrigo have quickly become a favorite of mine. The simplicity, the naturalness, the clean lighting…it was dreamy!

Alice and Rodrigo seriously killed this shoot, they were completely natural. Alice is a fellow film photographer based in Lisbon, and her work is gorgeous! It’s always nice to meet up with fellow photographers across the world.

Have you ever wanted photos like this of you and your significant other? I 10/10 recommend couples doing this at least once in their lifetime. What a great time to connect & document life as a couple by getting down to your knickers and getting cozy in bed.  Whether you are dating, married, engaged – just do it! I get that it can seem awkward but honestly once you turn on some music, drink some wine and just chat with each other; you won’t even notice I’m there. Most people think with a boudoir shoot you have to wear lingerie; you don’t have to! A cute oversized button-up dress shirt with lace panties would also be super flattering, panties and a sweater, it’s completely up to you and your level of comfort!

This wouldn’t have been possible without our awesome Air B&B. Thank you for having some dreamy light and white walls! One thing I always do when traveling is searching for the best well lit home, just in case I want to use it for a shoot 🙂

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