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July 9, 2018

Málaga, Spain in May | Three part series of summer travels

A three-part series of my European travels this past May. Each blog post will be filled with photos from each country I went to. Keep a look out for Part two, Italy & Part three, France.

Part One: Spain

Málaga Spain in May | Three part series of summer travels


Back in May, I had the opportunity to travel to Spain, Italy & France; 3 weeks, 3 Countries, 5 cities. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this trip was for me, but I will try!

The first stop on my 3-week European vacation was Málaga, Spain. Málaga is on the coast of Southern Spain also known as Costa Del Sol. Málaga is filled with rich history, beautiful Mediterranean Sea, orange trees lining the streets, live music..etc. Walking through Málaga with the sound of street performers in every plaza, the smell of paella cooking, the taste of red Spanish wine…pure bliss. This was my first time in Spain and it did not disappoint. There is a huge Ferris Wheel in Málaga that overlooks the whole city and the marina! It’s a beautiful view!

You will do lots of walking so I recommend bringing a pair of comfortable shoes and a pair of sandals for the beach. One of the days I was there I ended up walking 7 miles. I don’t know about you but 7 miles is a lot for me. Midday you will definitely want to stop at a restaurant and order tapas with a glass of red wine or a coke. Tip: Waiters are not in a hurry so don’t expect them to wait on you hand and foot.

Instead of booking a hotel we decided to go with an Air B&B cause you know that’s the hip thing to do nowadays. Let me just say we got so so lucky with our Air B&B. The lighting was AMAZING. So amazing that we did headshots in there. I will post the link to the Air B&B just in case you decide to go to Málaga (which I suggest you do).álaga%2C%20Spain&adults=3&guests=3&s=sE_Mru-J. You are about a 5 min walk to the city center and about a 20+ walk to the beach!

After Málaga Julian & I took the train to Madrid to spend a couple nights there! We stayed in Gran Via which is the main area with all the shopping. I had to hit up H&M to see if it was different than the US. I ended up buying a few pieces from there, it ended up being my favorite purchase of the trip! I bought a camel colored dress coat that I ended up wearing when it got chilly at night. I noticed a lot of women in this style of coat throughout Italy & France.

I cannot wait to go back to Spain and spend more than 5 days there. The food is good, the people are very nice & it’s such a beautiful country!


Malaga Spain, Orange Tree

View from our Air B&B

Cathedral of Malaga

Cathedral of Málaga (Canon Mark iii)

Malaga Spain

Mediterranean Sea in Málaga Spain

malaga spain

Mediterranean Sea in Málaga Spain, Palm Tree

Malaga Spain

Mosaic tile

Málaga Spain, Costa del Sol

City Center of Málaga

Málaga Spain, Costa del sol

Málaga Cathedral (Minolta SRT-101 Kodak 200)

Malaga, Spain

Relaxing at a cafe (Minolta SRT-101 Kodak 200)

Málaga Spain, Costa del sol

Beach in Málaga Spain (Minolta SRT-101 Kodak 200)

Málaga Spain, Costa del sol

Beach in Málaga Spain (Minolta SRT-101 Kodak 200)

Málaga Spain, Costa del sol

Málaga Spain Pier (Minolta SRT-101 Kodak 200—-obviously have a little light leak going on)

Málaga Spain, Costa del sol

Mediterranean Sea in Málaga Spain

City View of Málaga, Costa del sol

Top of the Ferris Wheel in Málaga Spain

Málaga Spain, Costa del sol

Headshots taken in our Air B&B (Contax 645 – fuji 400)





Madrid Spain

Streets of Madrid

Coffee shop in Madrid called the Federal Cafe had really good ice coffee.

Madrid Spain

Rows of Pottery vendors

I honestly didn’t explore Madrid that much, I was getting over strep throat and needed to rest my body. I had been on the GO and no rest. Next time I go to Spain I probably wouldn’t stay in Madrid. I prefer the smaller towns versus the cities. I truly fell in love with Spain, definitely recommend everyone to go visit:) Next on my list for Spain is Salamanca, Seville, and Ronda.


That’s the end of my Spain blog post. I hope you enjoyed all the photos as I enjoyed taking them:)

Stayed tuned for the next two posts of Italy & France:)



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    Loved reading this! all the photos look amazing!

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