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October 5, 2017

Love, Donuts & a Police Officer

Happy THURSDAY!! It’s almost the weekend! Can I get a hallelujah?! Oh, wait, my weekend doesn’t start until Saturday night, photographer life lol.
This past weekend I had the privilege to take my friend Valerie & her husband Cliff’s elopement/engagement photo’s! Luckily the weather cleared up after raining for 4+ days, we had amazing weather; thank you, Jesus! These two seriously radiate love, lots of love! Cliff and Valerie actually got eloped back in May, but having their dream wedding in December! I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding at The Kendall Plantation!

Cliff is a police officer for San Antonio, so of course, we had to include that in their photo’s. And of course there were donuts, why wouldn’t there be donuts?! Donuts are life!

Thank you, Cliff, for protecting & serving the community! Forever thankful for Police officers!


*Little side note, I pretty much only use exclamation marks, mostly because I always want to sound excited lol. Did it work?*


That smile you get after the first bite of a donut! Told you, donuts are life!

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